Resilient & Vinyl Floors

Resilient/Vinyl Floor Maintenance Tips

Dust and sweep frequently to prevent the abrasive action caused by dirt and grit that may mar and dull your floor’s brilliant shine.

To wash your floors use a sponge mop and a no-rinse vinyl floor cleaner.

For seldom moved or heavy items use glass or hard plastic caps with a minimum of 1 ½ sq. in. load bearing surface. For frequently moved furniture use 2” diameter casters with soft, non– staining ¾ rubber treads and easy ball bearing swiveling action. Always use a protective surface when rolling/ sliding large appliances out for cleaning.

Today's resilient/ vinyl floors are very different from the linoleum and vinyl floors of the past. New fiberglass core centers provide strength and installation flexibility never before available in resilient flooring, without sacrificing style or cleanability.

Modern vinyl can look like hardwood, tile, or be bright in color and attractive pattern. These floors are durable, simple-to- clean, and waxing, polishing or buffing.ever! And resilient vinyl floors can be easy to change out.

It is a perfect low-cost option for those busy, high-traffic areas. Vinyl floors have a soft, comfortable feel when you walk on them, and can help dampen the noise level in a busy room. Just look at their features and benefits:

Beautiful, colorful designs and patterns! Room-sized remnants, cleaners, sealers and glues, and professional installation. You'll find them all at Long's Tile.