Wood Floors

Wood Floor Maintenance Tips

Vacuum broom sweep or dust your floor (no beater bar, please), at least once a week.

Regularly clean your floors with no-wax floor cleaner designed specifically for hardwood flooring. Never wax a urethane finished floor

Never clean or wet mop your floors with water.

Use area rugs and doormats with breathable backings to keep dirt and moisture away from your entries and traffic lanes.

Protect the surface from dents and abrasions by using protector pads under furniture.

Lift and carry furniture when moving it around in your home.

Selecting a hardwood floor for an area in your home is one of the most dramatic and value-added decorating decisions that you will ever make regarding your home. Hardwood floors provide a natural and unique flooring option. They come in a choice of species, and a broad range of constructions and widths, shades, textures and finishes.

Wood floors originate from natural materials that represent a range of character and color. These beautiful hardwoods differ structurally by thickness, hardness and construction, and by method of milling and manufacturer. Wood floors differ visually by species, grading, width, stain, and gloss level.

Hardwood floors will add timeless beauty, warmth and durability to your home and value to your property. Hardwood floors will greatly improve the environment inside of your house because they don't trap the dust or pollen which can cause allergy-related illnesses. And they are easy to clean and they will last a lifetime!

When you visit our showroom, we will assure you that moisture and humidity are nothing to fear regarding wood floors. We will gladly discuss acclimation, range of color, waste factor and the performance expectations of the floors that interest you.

At Long's Tile, we offer the most beautiful species of hardwood floors. From beautiful North American domestic hardwoods to majestic and dramatically dense exotic hardwoods, we have samples of specie, grade and type, and are there to help you find the floor that fits your decorating scheme and your budget.