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Choose Luvury Vinyl Tile for Your Next Home or Business Remodel

Long’s Tile Company Installs Ceramic Tile in Homes and Businesses

Long’s Tile Company in Altoona, PA, installs ceramic tiles for floors, showers, countertops, and other various structures in homes and businesses. Ceramic is perfect in any room, as it is durable, low maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors and styles. When glazed or sealed, ceramic tiles are popular in kitchens and bathrooms because they are water and stain resistant. Depending on the style and cut, ceramic tiles may not be as simple to install on your own.

Call Long’s Tile Company at (814) 944-6122 for ceramic tile floor installation for your Altoona-area home or business. If you want to take on the project yourself, stop by our showroom to pick up the necessary materials.

Expert Porcelain Tile Installation

Porcelain tile is one way to get the look of granite, wood, and other various flooring without stretching your budget. Porcelain tile is water-resistant and low maintenance, making it a perfect form of kitchen tile or bath tile. It is also much easier to repair and replace than other ceramic or vinyl tiles. Porcelain tile is also popular for backsplashes because of its variety of color, texture, and style, and its low-maintenance nature.

If you are looking for a stylish way to remodel your floors or add a new backsplash to your home or business in State College, PA, trust the professionals at Long’s Tile Company. We use high-quality products to create beautiful, long-lasting results for all clients.

Vinyl Tile for Kitchen and Bath Remodels in State College, PA

Vinyl tiles are perfect for kitchen and bath remodels as they offer a sleek, affordable alternative to ceramic tiles. Easy to install, waterproof, and available in a variety of colors, vinyl works perfectly as kitchen backsplashes and floors, shower tiles, and bath tiles.

If you are searching for an affordable kitchen tile or bathroom tile in State College, PA, trust that Long’s Tile Company will provide you with exceptional vinyl tiles for any project.

Long’s Tile Company Uses the Best Brands for Tile

Long’s Tile Company carries popular brands for ceramic tile and porcelain tile, including:

Contact Long’s Tile Company for more information about our ceramic and porcelain tile products. For those looking to install their kitchen tile or flooring themselves, we carry the materials you need to get the job done. Long’s Tile Company proudly provides tile and floor installation Altoona, PA; State College, PA; Huntington, PA; and the surrounding areas.